FILTHY RICH - FD SEPTEMBER 2014 "The Fashion Issue"

This editorial, "Filthy Rich", appears in The Fashion Issue - FDLuxe September 2014 and stars Chandra North as our tragic, pill-poppin', champagne-drinking, Rolls Royce-driving heroine. Shot on location over 3 days in and around the Turtle Creek area in 90º+ heat made for a trying shoot but, with a team like this, you can't lose. 

Wardrobe Styling: Ariella Villa, Hair and Makeup: Al Tidwell, Stylist's Assistants: Dana Stalewski and Lauren Withrow, Fashion Assistants: Gabriella Bradley, Brian Carrassco and Gabi Sztamenits, Photo Assistants: Jason Acton, Craig Bellfield, Steve Flusche and Nicholas Laird

Managing Editor and Creative Director: Christina Geyer 

Editor-In-Chief and Roll's Corniche Owner: Rob Brinkley